Why is Vitamin E so important?

The benefits of argan oil are well known and often the product’s healing attributes are put down to its high levels of Vitamin E. In this article we’re going to take an in-depth look at Vitamin E and what its benefits are for skin, hair and body.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant

The main benefit of Vitamin E comes from the fact that it’s an anti-oxidant. What this means is that it prevents free radicals (which have an oxidant effect) from damaging your skin. Without anti-oxidants, these free radicals can dry out your skin, damage collagen and create lines and wrinkles. The regular use of a product high in Vitamin E such as Authentic Argan Oil can stop all this happening, leaving your skin unblemished and looking younger.

How free radicals work

Free radicals are formed when your skin is damaged, either through the natural ageing process or from a day out in the sun. These atoms have an uneven number of electrons and, to balance themselves out, they steal from the surrounding atoms – generally those that are part of your skin or hair – which can cause long-lasting damage.

Why Vitamin E is so important

Not only does Vitamin E stop this happening, it’s something that our bodies don’t produce naturally. To get the benefits of Vitamin E, we either need to add certain foods to our diets or apply certain products – like pure argan oil – to our skin and hair.

Vitamin E also speeds up the regeneration of cells, which reverses the damage of free radicals, meaning it can be used to remove and minimise the problems caused by acne, scars and wrinkles. In general, it helps skin to look fresher, clearer and younger.

Other benefits of Vitamin E

A body high in Vitamin E tends to have better blood flow because it prevents platelets from clumping. Not only does this have beauty benefits (a scalp with strong blood circulation grows stronger and healthier hair), it can also have health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart attacks. A body that’s high in Vitamin E is also better protected against the damage from harmful UV rays, but it’s important to still wear sun protection to defend your skin on sunny days.

Because argan oil is so high in Vitamin E it’s an ideal way to get this useful nutrient into your skin, hair and body. Of course, knowing how to use argan oil most effectively will help you get these benefits more quickly and easily.

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