How argan oil can benefit your underarms

Like any area on our body, the skin in our armpits needs care and attention to stay healthy. Our underarms, though, are often neglected, but with just a little time spent on their upkeep we can enjoy smoother skin and retain elasticity.

Using a natural product like pure argan oil can help replenish your skin’s natural oils which helps repair damage, prevent ageing and moisturise for a healthier look and feel.

How our underarms get damaged

Our underarms are mistreated and abused on a regular basis. Whether they’re sprayed with deodorants, irritated by rubbing on clothes or cut up by shaving, this area doesn’t tend to get as much care and attention as the rest of our skin. Even washing with soap can strip natural oils from your skin.

What this all leads to to is dryness and redness, often accompanied by itching and cuts (which can increase the likelihood of other problems such as ingrown hairs as you scratch for relief).

Like with any other area of your body, the right care can go a long way to ensuring your underarms are smoother and healthier..

Think about your diet

One way to help keep your skin fresh and looking young is to focus on your diet. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your body hydrated, which keeps your skin healthy, and making sure you have enough fibre in your diet helps move toxins through your system more quickly.

Reducing toxins

The fact that we perspire through our underarms means that the pores are often open and absorbing any harmful toxins that may be in the products used in that area.

Using natural deodorants and moisturisers eliminates that absorption of foreign chemicals into the body through your armpits.

Exfoliating daily is also important to remove dry skin cells that can clog pores..

Why use argan oil on your underarms?

Your skin uses oil to moisturise itself, but our soaps and daily habits can strip armpits of these natural oils.

Pure argan oil is an ideal replacement, especially for very sensitive skin. It helps moisturise your skin in a natural way and it contains no additives, perfumes or chemicals that can irritate or dry out your skin. Because it’s high in Vitamin E, it also helps to repair your skin when used regularly. Most importantly it will not block pores.

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