How argan oil can protect your hair during beach season

With summer coming up, Australians are going to spend more time in the pool and at the beach. While this lifestyle is one of the perks of living in Australia, too much time in the water can have adverse affects on the health of your hair.

Excessive chlorine and salt water can damage your hair. Regularly applying argan oil not only repairs these problems, but also creates a barrier that prevents damage.

The effects of chlorine and salt water on your hair

Like your skin, your hair has a high water content. This is what gives it that glossy look and keeps it strong, but if your hair gets dehydrated, it can feel dry and brittle.

The high salt content of the sea can leach the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and unhealthy. If you have dyed hair, salt water can give your locks a tough texture and over time it can even change the shade of your hair.

With continued exposure to salt water, your hair can become drier and drier, leading to split ends as well as making it hard to manage.

Chlorine, found in many pools around the country, has a similar negative effect on hair. It strips your hair of its natural oils, which are your natural defences against damage. Without the oil layer acting as a barrier, chlorine can interact freely with the strands, weakening them and making your hair dull and dry.

Repairing your hair with argan oil

If your hair has already been damaged, putting back the missing nutrients will speed up its recovery – and argan oil is a rich source of these. This natural product replaces your lost oils, which helps to rebuild your hair's strength.

Why is argan oil so good for your hair? Simply because the product is so high in Vitamin E, which is a natural building block of hair follicles, argan oil gives nourishment to your hair. Not only this, but it also has benefits for your skin, and a healthy scalp encourages healthy hair growth and can help with dandruff. Best of all, it's easy to wash out and, although it's an oil, it doesn't leave your hair feeling oily.

To apply argan oil, place a few drops of oil onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then massage the oil through your hair. Focus on the ends rather than the roots, as this is where most of the damage occurs.

Prevention is better than cure

A coating of argan oil can help protect your hair, as it strengthens its natural barrier, meaning the effects of swimming will be lessened. Massaging the oil into your hair before you go for a dip means you won't have to face the repercussions that many Australians will be dealing with this summer.

By adding argan oil to your daily beauty routine, you can strengthen your hair, give it back its shine and help protect it from the harsh chlorine pools and salt water that are so common in our summer routines.

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