Five natural anti-ageing remedies for your skin

It may be true that as we get older we get wiser, but unfortunately many of us also suffer from some not-so-glamorous side effects of ageing. Often our skin starts to lose elasticity and sneaky lines appear that weren’t there before. Luckily there are a number of natural products that can help slow down or reverse the ageing process to bring back our radiant selves.

Egg whites

Many items you find in your kitchen can help improve your skin, and one of the easiest to utilise is an egg. Separating the egg whites from the yolks gives you the basis of a natural yet simple face mask. Apply the egg whites to your skin for 15 minutes and wash off with water, and you’ll start to feel the benefits. Albumen contains proteins, potassium, magnesium and more, which all combine to help repair damage, hydrate skin and fight off free radicals. Ginger tea

What we eat and drink can also have a big effect on how our skin looks. A daily cup of ginger tea can help reduce inflammation while also improving our blood’s circulation, both things that can help to give the appearance of more youthful skin. As ginger is a high source of gingerols, anti-oxidants that can reduce skin damage, your skin will not only look better it will be healthier as well.

Lemon juice

Another sign of ageing is the appearance of age spots and other blemishes on your skin. Apply lemon juice to these spots and leave for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing off. By repeating this every day, the acidic properties of the lemon juice can, over time, lighten and remove spots and freckles from your skin.

Argan Oil

There are many health benefits to argan oil and its anti-ageing properties are some of the most celebrated. The oil is high in fatty acids, which helps keep the skin moisturised and has been shown to aid skin elasticity. Argan oil is also a good source of anti-oxidants, which help to protect the skin from harmful chemicals as well as UV radiation. Simply massage the oil into your skin daily and you’ll soon notice the difference. Be sure to choose a high quality oil, free from additives.

Aloe vera

Using aloe vera on your face can give a number of benefits. Aloe vera can help increase skin elasticity and collagen levels while reducing red skin pigmentation. Best of all, aloe vera plants practically take care of themselves. Just pick the leaves when you need them, it can also be stored in the fridge if you don’t use the entire leaf.

Nature has blessed us with many items that can help keep us healthy and looking young, with none of the side effects that some products laced with additives or chemicals carry. By adding these simple fixes into your daily routine your skin will quickly begin to repair and look more youthful.

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