How to restore dry hair

At times it can seem like no matter how many beauty products you use, you end up with dry, limp and brittle hair. Often the cause of these problems are the products themselves and knowing which to use and which to ditch can prove invaluable.
Cut split ends

Dry hair can lead to split ends which, unless dealt with, will continue to cause problems. Depending on the severity of your split ends, a light trim may get rid of the issue but for more pronounced damage a trip to a salon may be required. Trimming your hair every six weeks can prevent further split ends developing. Stop harsh treatments

Many common cosmetics can dry out our hair and strip the strands of their natural oils. Some products that cause damage are chemical hair dyes, bleach and chemical straightening or curling (such as a Brazilian blowout). By cutting these chemicals out of your routine your hair will be in a better position to fix itself.

Cut back on shampoo

Shampoo may help wash out the day’s grime, but it also rids your hair of natural oils. Without these, your hair gets dry and brittle, which causes it to break more easily. Using shampoo every other day, or even just once or twice a week, can help your hair’s natural oils return. When you do use shampoo in your hair, make sure to use a conditioner too to keep it hydrated.

Air dry your hair

Roughly using a towel to dry your hair can cause even more damage by breaking weak hairs. Using a hairdryer, especially on high heat, can also cause problems and make your hair weaker. Leaving your hair to dry naturally instead can give it a chance to heal.

Add argan oil to your hair

Because dry hair is often caused by a lack of a natural oil, adding in a replacement like argan oil can do wonders for the appearance of your locks. Simply put a small amount of this natural remedy in the palm of your hands, rub them together and then work the argan oil through the ends of your hair. Doing this on a daily basis will revive dry hair, maintain strength and give protection against the sun.

Dry hair is a common problem but one that can easily be solved by avoiding products that strip oils and instead using natural remedies in their place.

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